my story

Hi There!

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Erika Salazar and I am the owner of Crafts by Mila. I am blessed with a beautiful girl named Camila where Mila derived from. My shop is entirely dedicated to her and for her future (ie.. school fund, savings). If you are supporting my shop, you are supporting her future.

My purpose is not only to care for her but also to cultivate gratitude and to spread positivity while doing so.

My promise is to bring products that is mindful to our emotions. Something that sparks joy and reminds us to be grateful no matter the circumstances.

I am thankful for my village: my family ; specially my husband who supports my creativity, my mom who watches Camila during weekends so I can focus on production and to my SIL (Inidra) who's willingly lend her time to help with the operations of my small business.

I hope you find something here that makes you smile.